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Groups are now starting to form all over the Nation! Future Doctors enjoy meeting community members and future patients while Nordic Walking. Join them whenever you can, everyone is welcome

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Studies Show: When You Walk With Nordic Walking Poles Every Step Is More Effective*

Walking has been recommended by doctors for years, because it is simple and easy to do by most people. Research shows that 95% of the people choose walking it as their primary exercise.

The number one principle of Lifestyle Medicine and the Blue Zones is natural motion, which is walking! Even though this is already the primary exercise used, many groups over the years has created licensed marketing programs to get doctors to connect with a few people in their community.

Kaiser has created their Thrive walking program, also Walk with a DOC and many more has been created over the years. These groups usually walk twice a month with an average size of 20-25 people attending. The doctor provides a 15 minute talk on a health issue, then takes a few minutes for stretching then walks with them for 20-30 minutes.

Some are licensed marketing walking programs that are usually expensive requiring a sponsor to support the walks, T-shirts and other products are sold to brand the marketing company. A high percentage discontinue the program in the first 2 years for numerous reasons.

These days most people are limited in the time they have to exercise or they want to see quick results like they see when taking a pain pill. Older people usually can’t walk fast enough for a distance to get aerobic health benefits.

Some uses walkers and canes for support, because of balance issues with the fear of falling.  Walking only exercises primarily works the lower body and extremities, we call this 2 wheel drive. When you are able to work the upper body and extremities at the same time when walking, we call this 4 wheel drive!

Nordic Walking Nations has created the first Nordic Medical Pole Walking Exercise Program in the Nation.  It also provides 34 home rehabilitation exercises (strengthening, stretching, breathing and balance). It has over 350 Clinical and Medical studies showing its health benefits. This why it is the fastest growing full body metabolic exercise in the world today!

Dr. Hans Diehl, Founder of the C.H.I.P. at Loma Linda University, states this  the New High Tech form of Walking. Lifestyle doctors are calling it, The Missing Link to Lifestyle Medicine and Seniors calls it The New Sporty Look!

Health providers agree:
it is a simple and effective exercise that can be done indoors or outdoors on any surface.

Our Nordic Walking
with the FUTURE DOCTOR program is comprised
of 3 parts called R.E.M.

  1. Rehabilitation (exercise) can be used and billed using ICD-10 codes from a clinic or hospital. It can easily transitioned into a home exercise program. Most home exercise programs has a compliance rate of 10-15% at best. Our home program has a 60-70% compliance rate, because it’s easy to learn and most patients see results on the first session of Nordic Walking. Our program enables a future doctor to empower a patient to live a Healthy Lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. This will help reduce unnecessary office visits and show insurance companies, that you are improving your patient’s wellbeing with an Evidence Based Wellness Program.

  2. Education for patients on living a Healthier Lifestyle. Our website provides information from many famous Lifestyle doctors that will benefit your future patients, so you can spend more time being a doctor, because we have created a simple, cost effective program that benefits you and your patients. Michael Greger M.D. , Nutritional Facts, Dr. Mark BramanM.D. , Lifestyle Facts , Plantrician Project planting the seeds of change, Dr. Wes Youngberg M.D. , Diabetes UnDone.


  3. Marketing is made up of a library of tools that is available to you. Power point presentations on Healthy Lifestyle Living, The health benefits of Nordic Walking, Senior Fall Prevention and Memory Care. We have available the first portable balance plate that can verify in less than 5 minutes if the senior is at a High or Moderate risk of falling. Our program can usually make changes within 6-8 weeks. Nordic Walking is a Resistance, Cross Motor exercise creating neurological pathways for better brain function and balance.

We provide you with a quarterly newsletter on Healthy Lifestyle Living and Nordic Walking that you can email to active and past patients. We can provide you brochures and flyers for patients, if we don’t have what you need in our library then we will create it for you.     

Nordic Pole Walking provides
all four types of exercises!

6 Health Benefits gained with each Step of Nordic Pole Walking!

Nordic Walking is a Full Body, Aerobic, Resistance, Cross motor Function Exercise

Each step provides better:

  1. Posture and Balance
  2. Strengthens and balances the Para- Spinal Muscles
  3. Activates 90% of your body musculature
  4. Burns 22-47% more Calories
  5. Reduces 30% stress and pain from back, hips, knees and ankles
  6. Resistant / Cross motor exercise generates increase Brain Function

It is a simple exercise that can be done indoors or out on any surface. 35 minutes of Nordic Walking is equivalent to one hour of regular walking, but gives you the Health Benefits of swimming!

Our Commitment and Mission – To create a growing global network of enthusiastic and dedicated Healthcare Providers and Health & Wellness Instructors who work together to create a paradigm of change to improve the lives of their patients and clients.

We want to educate, inspire, empower and support people to become accountable to themselves. This allows us to reach countless numbers of people in receiving the daily health benefits of Nordic Walking that will raise the fitness level of our world of Nations.

*Scientific Studies on the effect walking poles have on health

Older Adults

Short and Long term effects of Nordic Pole Walking on balance, functional mobility, muscle strength and aerobic exercise among older people. The study showed that Nordic Walking is a simple, well tolerated and effective physical activity for older people. Abstract:  Virag A et al., 2014


The influence of physical exercise on the parameters of the cardiovascular system of elderly persons. Systematic Nordic Walking exercise had a beneficial effect on the physical performance of elderly persons over a short week program. Abstract:  Chomiuk et al., 2013

Effects of Nordic Walking training on exercise capacity and fitness in men participating in early, short-term inpatient cardiac rehabilitation after a acute coronary syndrome- a controlled trial. Nordic Walking may improve exercise capacity, lower body endurance and coordination of movements in patients with good exercise tolerance participating in early rehabilitation.
Abstract:  Kocur et al., 2009

Back Pain

Nordic walking in the treatment of chronic Low Back pain a randomized clinical trial. For pain. disability, and patient specific function, Nordic Walking showed the greatest average improvement for patients with chronic back pain. Abstract:  Hartvigsen J et al., 2010


Effects of Nordic Walking on cardiovascular risk factors in overweight individuals with type 2 diabetes, impaired or normal glucose tolerance. Exercise capacity improved significantly in all three groups of participants who reported at least 80% compliance with the scheduled exercise. 
Abstract:  Fritz T et al., 2013


Physical activity in Pregnancy and in breast-feeding period in obese mothers. Considering common recommendations for training, as well as careful measures and contraindications, a moderate individual training to maintain physical and psychic fitness is desirable. Abstract: 
Korsten-Reck et al., 2010

Knee Joints

Effects of Walking Poles on lower extremity gait mechanics. There were differences in kinetic variables between walking with and without poles. The use of Walking Poles enabled subjects to walk at a faster speed with a reduced vertical ground reaction in the knee extensor angular impulse ans support movement , depending on the poling condition used. 
Abstract:  Willson J et al., 2001

There are over 350 medical and scientific studies which indicate
positive results are obtained from Nordic Pole Walking